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About Us

We believe everyone deserves a chance at a better future. We help make that a reality.

Our charity focuses on meaningful ways to prevent crime, working both in local communities and in prisons. Through bike repair workshops, we support people to learn different skills, gain valuable experience, and build the resilience and self-belief they need to succeed.

Our bike instructors teach trainees how to professionally refurbish bikes otherwise destined for landfill. The practical sessions ensure skills gained are transferable into real life. There is a focus on teamwork, scheduling, and workplace skills. Mentor support underpins all our programmes, ensuring that any impact is effective and long-lasting.

We work to prevent people from being pulled into crime, recognising for some this happens early in life, as education gaps appear or poverty impacts their childhood. We also work in prison, where people will face barriers to success on release. That may be due to having a criminal record, diminished mental health, or fewer community connections. Even a short stay in prison limits people’s future. We focus on turning that around.

We take two approaches in our support. Firstly, we work with young people to ensure everyone has an opportunity to have a productive future, which in turn ensures they aren’t pulled into the current of crime. Secondly, we help those who already swept downstream to break free from crime through meaningful rehabilitation within prisons.

Refurbished bikes are donated to those most in need, making a difference in communities in the UK and beyond. Trainees know the impact they make, supporting social change and reducing environmental waste.

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