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We rely on fundraising and donations to continue providing our workshops that support trainees to learn new skills whilst also contributing to opportunities for rehabilitation and employment. Your donations help support our work and we appreciate every penny!

Would supply our workshops with enough spares to last one of our workshops a month. We strip bikes to re-use parts wherever possible but some parts need to be replaced to ensure a bike is in good safe working order before it is donated or sold.

Would cover the cost of the cost of two more significant bike refurbishments, replacing all the basic parts on the bikes plus a shiny new chain and cassette to keep the gears running smoothly.

Would keep our van running for a day.  We rely on our van to collect all the donated bikes, deliver them to our workshops and collect them again once they are refurbished. Without our van, everything we do would grind to a halt.

Could cover the cost of a basic bike refurbishment e.g. brake blocks, inner tubes and cables – all the basic parts most likely to need replacing on an old bike.

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