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Work Restarts at Deerbolt

Like the rest of the UK from the 24th March HMPYOI Deerbolt was on lockdown and the the bike workshop deemed as non-essential work was closed.

From mid May the bike workshop was operating on a part-time basis as the demand for bikes has risen considerably since the beginning of the pandemic. A few of the workshop lads and the instructor Graeme, were running errands around the prison to keep it functioning if staff were off sick or isolating. Refurbished bikes were sold to staff and the general public and they also took on some servicing as people were looking to cycle instead of using public transport.

From the 24th August the bike workshop was open full-time but with a reduced number of trainees to maintain social distance, just 2 trainees in the morning and 2 (different) trainees in the afternoon.

In the coming weeks the numbers will be increased to accommodate 5 trainees in the morning session and 5 in the afternoon.

I have witnessed the prisoners asking to come back down to work as the cellular confinement for 23 hours a day is getting tedious and they want to do something productive with their time.

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