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ShareGift Donation

Funding for charities is always a competitive field, even more so since the Covid 19 pandemic. MCF were delighted to receive a donation from the charity ShareGift.

ShareGift is an independent UK registered charity (No. 1052686) which specialises in releasing the money locked up in small shareholdings, but which can accept donations of any size. ShareGift works by collecting together small lots of shares until there are enough to sell and then donating the resulting proceeds to a wide range of charities. To date ShareGift has donated over £35million to almost 3,000 charities. ShareGift make their grants based upon suggestions from donors. You can help support the Margaret Carey Foundation by donating any small shareholdings you may have to ShareGift, and mentioning that you support us.

If you have shares which are uneconomic to sell, you may wish to consider donating them to ShareGift, the share donation charity. For more information check out the ShareGift website.

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