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When the first lockdown was announced in the UK in March 2020 activities were severely restricted within the prison estate to minimise the spread of COVID 19.

At HMPYOI Deerbolt the workshop was adapted and became an essential services workshop with 3 trainees working in the morning and another 3 in the afternoon. Pre-lockdown there would be 10 trainees in the workshop in each session. The essential services workshop involved delivering items around the establishment as well as the cleaning and waste management.

Instructor Graeme says:

“When there were no essential services to support the lads were able to resume bike maintenance work. It was important to do this to help with wellbeing and continuation of work ethos for the lads as well as the input towards their qualifications.”

To ensure the workshop was a COVID safe working environment additional measures were put in place including: safe distancing of the workshop with each workstation clearly marked on the floor, face masks, tools cleaned throughly after every session and most importantly getting the lads in the habit of washing their hands regularly.

As the covid restrictions are eased the trainees in the bike workshop are able to concentrate full time on refurbishing bikes and their bike maintenance training and qualifications.

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