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Charity Survival Fund Success

The Margaret Carey Foundation would like to sincerely thank the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust for making a generous grant to the organisation as part of their Charity Survival Fund.

We are one of 329 UK charities who will receive funding totalling £18 million as part of the Charity Survival Fund, launched in July 2020. This was the first time The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust accepted funding applications from charities. More than 2,600 charities applied to the fund for support, so we are delighted that we have been chosen.

The Charity Survival Fund, which was increased in size from £10 million due to the quality and quantity of the applications, will support small and medium size charities in the UK by providing core funding to help these organisations overcome lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All of the successful charities work within The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust’s main areas of interest: Health and Wellbeing, Welfare and Education and Arts and Culture.

MCF CEO, Jon Warrick said:

We really appreciate the vote of confidence that the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust has given our charity and its work through the award of this grant. During this financially turbulent time for all charities, we hope that their assistance will inspire others to support the important work that MCF continues to do for the more vulnerable members of our society.
The grant will support MCF’s core costs over the next 6 months so that we can continue to deliver our existing workshops and help support the restart of the workshops that have remained closed since the initial lockdown in the UK.

The £18 million Charity Survival Fund awards now brings Julia and Hans Rausing’s total Covid-19 support to over £35 million, which includes their initial response earlier in the year where they gave £16.5 million to charities and organisations that were working on the frontlines to ease the situation within their local communities.

More information about the Charity Survival Fund can be found here.

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