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COVID-19 Update 2

When we closed operations some weeks ago, I said I would update you as the Covid-19 situation developed.

We have not been able to deliver regular services, and our shop is closed, staff and volunteers been away for so long, but we have kept in touch to ensure they are well and do not feel isolated.

These last few weeks have been a difficult time for all charities, big and small.

At the start of this crisis we made an offer to the NHS in Bradford to provide cycles to support hard pressed staff to be able to get to work and stay fit.

MCF volunteers have stepped up to provide over 40 bikes for the Bradford medical community, including locks and helmets.

The feedback has been fantastic, and the NHS appreciate the offer, providing both an opportunity to cycle to work, avoiding the risk of infections on public transport and also to maintain well-being after long and difficult shift work.

With our income severely depleted, we are incredibly appreciative of every donation and grant and that includes Harry and Martha’s 2.6 Challenge completed recently to support MCF work in the community. Well done to both for your effort.

We are now starting to think about what comes next. – the doors of MCF sites will open again, and we will be back providing key services in shops, prisons and workshops. We will certainly have to work differently and there may well be restrictions for some time to come.

At the earliest opportunity we will be seeking additional stock so please consider donating any bikes you no longer require to either our Bradford Hub or Shipley Bikery, more details on collections will follow.

Thank You very much for your interest in MCF and continued support, please keep up to date with MCF via the website and via social media as well please contact us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Best wishes

Bill Schofield

Chair of Trustees

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